Breathe Easy with a Salt Pipe

What is the Cisca Saltpipe®?

Cisca Saltpipe® is a simple and natural way to make a real difference to your health. This dry salt inhaler can give the benefit of ancient salt cave therapy to maintain an optimum respiratory function and to help you to breathe easier, alleviate sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath and leaving you feeling revitalised. Salt crystals have been used for decades in the treatment ofrespiratory disorders and to help strengthen the immune system by cleansing the lungs and allowing them to absorb more oxygen.





What’s Inside The Cisca Saltpipe®?

How To Use The Cisca Saltpipe

Using the Saltpipe is super simple. Place the ceramic pipe in your mouth and inhale as normal, exhaling through your nose. Don’t worry if it tastes a little salty the first time you use it. This will fade after a few uses. After using the salt pipe regularly for about a week you will begin to notice that breathing becomes easier and deeper and any coughing caused by respiratory problems should lessen.

The Cisca Saltpipe can also be used to cleanse deep into the nasal cavity, helping those who suffer with rhinitis or sinusitis. Simply place the pipe close to one nostril, inhale and then swap to the other side.

Children and The Cisca Elipipe

Before the child uses the friendly Cisca Elipipe it’s recommended that an adult uses the pipe a couple of times first. The air in the saltpipe is initially a little salty which can put children off.

Normally, the Elipipe is recommended for children three and up. However there is no real age limit but children younger than three may struggle to use it. Try to stop anyone from blowing into the saltpipe as that may damage the salt crystals. Children should also be taught to breathe through the mouth and out of the nose.

We currently stock three types of Cisca Saltpipe®: 

Ceramic Saltpipe (Salipipe) 

Ceramic Saltpipe Elipipe 

Plastic Easy Saltpipe 


The crystal salt inside the ceramic pipe (50g) lasts up to 5 years, the plastic pipe (15g) lasts up to 8 months, based on average daily usage.

Prices start at £17 and can only be bought by visiting Salt Space in Hove.

Why not pop in to have a look at our range of salt products which also includes salt lamps, tea-light holders and loose Himalayan salt or contact us here for more information.


Dear Customers, Friends and Supporters, as you will be aware the Government has announced that most Covid guidance and legal restrictions will be lifted in England from Monday 19 July.  While this move will be welcomed by some of you, we understand that others of you will be more cautious. 

We have decided, therefore, to keep all our current protocols for now, so that everyone will continue to feel safe when on our premises:

  • We will maintain the same social distancing and extra cleansing protocols in place, so a maximum of 5 people in the Adult space and one family unit in each part of the Children’s space. 
  • We ask that, if you are able, you wear a mask in all areas and remove it when the session starts.  
  • There is a full air exchange between sessions, as always, and sessions will be spaced further apart to allow for deeper UV cleaning between.

If you have any questions for us, please do ask.

The Salt Space Team xx