The Amazing Benefits of Salt Therapy: Why I Started My Salty Business in Hove

Salt Space in Hove opened in 2015 and is the only salt therapy clinic in Sussex.

It is run by a small, friendly and knowledgeable team headed by the owner Julie Dunn, who is passionate about the health benefits of dry salt therapy [less passionate about having her photo taken!].

Julie first heard about salt therapy – or halotherapy to give it its correct name – in 2013 when a friend who lived in Scotland found her asthma worsening to such an extent that she had difficulty breathing and had to stop hill-walking which was a long-term hobby.  She felt she had no choice but to increase her asthma inhaler usage since breathing was such a struggle.

A salt therapy clinic had just opened nearby and, after five or six sessions, Julie’s friend got her walking boots back on and was able to resume living her life as she wanted – with long hikes up and down hills!  She stopped using one of her inhalers and drastically reduced use of the other – she could breathe again.  And this from a treatment that is 100% natural.

“This made me want to find out more”, says Julie, “so I visited other salt therapy clinics and in the short time I visited each I was amazed at the stories people had to tell about how salt therapy had improved their quality of life. Even with long-term conditions such as COPD, bronchiectasis and other chronic conditions, people were sharing incredible, first-hand, very personal information about the difference regular salt therapy had on them.”

“I met mums and dads who were convinced that salt therapy was the reason their child no longer needed steroid creams and/or steroid inhalers and was generally healthier and less susceptible to coughs and colds.”

Julie continued to research dry salt therapy in the UK and overseas and finally came to a decision: “I decided this was something I really wanted to do near my home in Hove and so I started looking into the possibilities”…and that was the beginning of Salt Space.  While it took some time to find a landlord who was happy with us putting salt all over the place, once we found the right property in Portland Road, Hove, it took us about six months for us to be ready to open the door to our first customer.

Interested in how Salt Therapy can help you? Contact Julie for a chat on 01273 973843 or email her on brighton@saltspace.co.uk.  Don’t forget the first session is FREE so what have you got to lose!

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Dear Customers, Friends and Supporters, as you will be aware the Government has announced that most Covid guidance and legal restrictions will be lifted in England from Monday 19 July.  While this move will be welcomed by some of you, we understand that others of you will be more cautious. 

We have decided, therefore, to keep all our current protocols for now, so that everyone will continue to feel safe when on our premises:

  • We will maintain the same social distancing and extra cleansing protocols in place, so a maximum of 5 people in the Adult space and one family unit in each part of the Children’s space. 
  • We ask that, if you are able, you wear a mask in all areas and remove it when the session starts.  
  • There is a full air exchange between sessions, as always, and sessions will be spaced further apart to allow for deeper UV cleaning between.

If you have any questions for us, please do ask.

The Salt Space Team xx