Clear the air with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Your home is a sanctuary and a Salt Lamp can be a healthy addition, offering a warm glow while cleansing and purifying the air.  Sourced from crystal of natural rock salt, which has lain below ground for many years, once mined the crystals are fashioned entirely by hand in small village workshops where the highly-skilled craftsmen use age-old family methods to produce work of natural beauty.  Because all the work is carried out by hand, and because the crystals from which the lamps are made are themselves variable, each lamp is unique in design, colour, shape and weight.  The natural minerals in rock salt determine the wonderful look of the crystal.  For example, iron imparts a red tinge while manganese contributes to yellow and orange hues.

How do they work?

Salt Lamps produce heat when the light bulb inside is lit, which allows the salt lamp to rapidly attract moisture, humidity and water molecules from the air, in turn emitting negative ions.

Negative ions play a vital role in keeping the air clean and fresh.  They occur naturally in nature, especially in forested areas and at the beach. Himalayan salt lamps are believed to generate a flow of negative ions which bind to airborne particles, including dust, mould spores, cigarette smoke, airborne allergens and EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) from electronic devices.  The negative ions help eliminate the positively charged ions from the environment, keeping the air you breathe around your home clean and pure.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are frequently recommended by Feng Shui experts to improve our work and living environments.  Not only do they look beautiful, they can also help you breathe easy…

The Salt Lamps we stock come from a reputable trader whose Fair Trade Policy states: “Our fair trade policy ensures that the people who make them are paid a fair price for their hard work and skill.  We operate a fair trade policy that guarantees fair pay for the people who mine the crystals and craft the lamps, there is no exploitation and we do not allow the use of child labour.”

We currently stock two sizes of Salt Lamp (2-3kg and 4-6kg) and a Fire Bowl shaped lamp (see above).  All lamps come with leads and bulbs.  Prices start at £18 and can only be bought by visiting Salt Space in Hove.

Why not pop in to have a look at our range of salt products which also includes tea-light holders and loose Himalayan salt or contact us here for more information.


Dear Customers, Friends and Supporters, as you will be aware the Government has announced that most Covid guidance and legal restrictions will be lifted in England from Monday 19 July.  While this move will be welcomed by some of you, we understand that others of you will be more cautious. 

We have decided, therefore, to keep all our current protocols for now, so that everyone will continue to feel safe when on our premises:

  • We will maintain the same social distancing and extra cleansing protocols in place, so a maximum of 5 people in the Adult space and one family unit in each part of the Children’s space. 
  • We ask that, if you are able, you wear a mask in all areas and remove it when the session starts.  
  • There is a full air exchange between sessions, as always, and sessions will be spaced further apart to allow for deeper UV cleaning between.

If you have any questions for us, please do ask.

The Salt Space Team xx