Salt Therapy
In Hove

372-374 Portland Rd, Hove BN3 5SD

Who Can Benefit?

Both adults and children can benefit from salt therapy.

Salt Space Hove has two rooms – one for adults and one for children.

The adult’s space is an oasis of calm, where you can relax and unwind  – you may even find yourself having a little doze while breathing in the  healthy  atmosphere.

In the children’s room, youngsters can have fun watching TV, reading books or playing with the toys while unknowingly enjoying the health benefits of salt therapy.

How It Works

All you need to do is sit back, relax and breathe naturally.

Salt therapy is a drug free treatment which reproduces the natural micro-climate of a salt cave.

It does this by dispersing dry salt in high concentrations into a salt  room whose surfaces are also layered with salt.

These tiny salt micro-particles are inhaled and penetrate deep into the lungs, airways and skin to help relieve congestion, inflammation and skin irritations.

May Help Symptoms of:

people love salt space


age 46

“I was sceptical. I went to my first session with a pretty bad case of sinusitis.
The following day my air waves were much clearer. I have a post nasal drip and all the dust and pollen allergies there are. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with similar health issues.
It works for me.”

Mum of FB

age 18 months

“My son had bronchiolitis caused by the virus RSV which hospitalised him and left him with a residual cough for some weeks.
“After a single session, there were notable improvements, the coughing bouts had halved in duration and were much less frequent.  After another 2 sessions he was no longer coughing throughout the night…”


“I had a really annoying cough and very disturbed sleep due to my COPD.
After just 2 sessions I felt I was coughing less. I am now able to sleep without the need to keep sucking on cough sweets and my cough is much improved.
I’m very impressed and the sessions are very relaxing.”

Mum of Martha

age 2

“When Martha first came to Salt Space she had a horrible cough that’d been going on for 3 weeks or more. Within a couple of sessions Martha’s cough had gone. Now, each time Martha has a cold or cough we come along for a session and she seems to get over them much faster. She also sleeps well after a session.”

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where to Find us

372-374 Portland Road
Hove, BN3 5SD

Dear Customers, Friends and Supporters, as you will be aware the Government has announced that most Covid guidance and legal restrictions will be lifted in England from Monday 19 July.  While this move will be welcomed by some of you, we understand that others of you will be more cautious. 

We have decided, therefore, to keep all our current protocols for now, so that everyone will continue to feel safe when on our premises:

  • We will maintain the same social distancing and extra cleansing protocols in place, so a maximum of 5 people in the Adult space and one family unit in each part of the Children’s space. 
  • We ask that, if you are able, you wear a mask in all areas and remove it when the session starts.  
  • There is a full air exchange between sessions, as always, and sessions will be spaced further apart to allow for deeper UV cleaning between.

If you have any questions for us, please do ask.

The Salt Space Team xx